Updated Products from SinePower

Gresham Power Electronics are working with Portuguese based SinePower to provide our existing customer base with a selection of off the shelf high quality ground power units and static frequency converters aimed at the Commercial Aviation, Defence Aviation and Marine markets.

Sinepower have streamlined their product offerings and believe these carefully selected models can support all of your needs:


The SINEGPU COMBI is now on a 700 enclosure.

The SINEGPUCOMBI now resides in the latest 700 enclosure. This enhancement comes with substantial improvements.

This modification will elevate the customer experience, providing a more efficient and practical setting for your SINEGPU COMBI.






New features of 700 enclosure.

The 700 enclosure outperforms the 650+DC by incorporating superior ventilation and thermal management. Its unified design ensures streamlined efficiency, a departure from the dual-enclosure setup of the 650+DC, resulting in improved convenience and performance packaged in a sleek design.







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