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Specialists in the field of naval power conversion and distribution, we have equipment in service on virtually all of the Royal Navy’s submarine and surface fleet. Supporting equipment supplied over 80 years ago which is still in service is a testimony to the integrity of our designs and the high build standards that we have attained.

Many of our designs distribute power with battery support. This theme of supporting critical on board functions such as weapons, emergency communications and lighting – often after all other sources of power have been lost – indicates the critical importance of our equipment to the vessel and its crew and the role that we play in supporting so many of the world’s Navies over the years.

Our products are ruggedised to meet high levels of shock and vibration, engineered to be fully compatible with ship or submarine electrical systems and are built from the ground up for deployment.

UK Engineering Support Services


  • Support attendance
  • Dedicated specialist engineer assigned
  • Health Checks
  • Remote support offered world wide.
  • Training of ships staff /Courses / Transfer of knowledge
  • Repair Service
  • Recommended spares: On Board + Base
  • Maintenance advice

Our engineering capability lies in our proven experience and our ability to test and certify our engineering solutions in-house.


  • Service reports
  • Manuals
  • Installation Documents
  • Operator Instruction
  • Work Instruction

For assistance please contact support.

Survey, Test and Repairs

We offer a full strip and survey service for all our products.

A survey report of our findings and our recommendations for repair will be supplied.

Some of our equipment has been in service for over 50 years but we are still able to support most repairs.

If items have been found to have ‘No Fault Found’ or we have been able to repair during the course of the strip and survey activity due to the simple nature of the fault(s) and the associated low cost, no further costs will be incurred.

In the situation where equipment is obsolete depending on the fault we may not be able to repair, this will be investigated on a case by case basis.

For assistance please contact our Sales Team.

Global Support for In-Service Equipment

To provide the best possible support and maintenance of our in-service equipment we have appointed the following Exclusive Representative. This is your local contact for all maintenance support and supplying of spare parts. All spare parts will be manufactured in the UK.

Our Partners

Region: Australia
Metromatics Pty Ltd

Head Office
Northlakes, Brisbane, QLD 4509, Australia

Tel: +61 7 3868 4255

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Region: Spain

Head Office
C/ General Díaz Porlier, 71
28006 Madrid

Tel.: + 34 91 402 65 23

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UK Engineering Capability


  • Circuit Design and PCB Layout
  • Battery & charger technology
  • Marine / Naval power systems
  • Solid-works 3D CAD
  • Theoretical Shock Analysis
  • Full Shock, Vibration & Environmental Testing
  • EMC Compliance / Testing – Def Stan/MIL-STD
  • Ingress Protection IP23/44/54
  • Lloyds Register – Naval Vessels Lloyd's Register


  • ILS Packages
  • User Manuals
  • Installation Documents
  • Work Instructions
  • Maintenance

We can provide a wide range of technical documentation to meet the customers’ requirements, in a variety of formats.

Packages can range from a simple Operating and Maintenance Manual to a full technical package including ILS data.

For assistance please contact support.

UK In-House Manufacturing


  • In-House
  • Full product build from prototype to full equipment manufacture.
  • Hand built PCB to complete Systems.
  • Equipment Testing.
  • Full Engineering Support.

Our specialist manufacturing capability lies with our skilled team of professional electro/mechanical prototype wireman.

With a knowledgeable workforce we have established a dedicated team who take great pride in their work and who produce best in class, high end, robust & reliable hand built equipment.

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Global Naval Supply Programs