TET2500 series | Bel Power Solutions

Input: 90 - 180 VAC/180 - 264 VAC
Outputs: 12V dc
Power: 3000W
Tamb: 0 to +50°C
Dims: 195 x 86 x 40.0 mm
Titanium efficiency / Best in class

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The TET2500-12-086 Series is a 2500 Watt AC-DC power-factor-corrected (PFC) and DC/DC power supply that converts standard AC mains power or high voltage DC bus voltages into a main output of 12 VDC for powering intermediate bus architectures (IBA) in high performance and reliability servers, routers, and network switches. The TET2500-12-086 Series meets international safety standards and displays the CE-Mark for the European Low Voltage Directive (LVD).

Feature List

Best-in-class, 80 PLUS certified Titanium efficiency
Wide input voltage range: 180 - 264 VAC / 2500 W, 90 - 180 VAC / 1250 W
Hot-plug capability
Parallel operation with active current sharing thru analog bus
Full digital controls for improved performance
RoHS Compliant
Three US patents (US 6,970,366 B2; US 8,503,199 B1; US9,166, 498 B2) and three US patents pending
I2C communication interface with Power Management Bus protocol for monitoring, control, and firmware update via bootloader
Always-on 24 W standby output (12 V / 2 A)
High density design: 62 W/in3
Small form factor: 86 x 40.0 x 195 mm

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