TCR-4-48G series | Bel Power Solutions

Input: 180-528Vac 3ph
Outputs: 28V to 60V dc
Power: 14000W
Tamb: 0 to +70°C
Dims: 3U Subrack, 670mm deep
Conduction or liquid cooled

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The TCR-4-48G power rack can be configured with four TCP3500 series units delivering up to 14 kW of output power. The TCR-4-48G can be mounted to a 19 inch rack systems using adaptor mounting brackets.

Two internal RS485 interfaces are used for control, monitoring and diagnostic information that can be supplied to a system controller.

Water cooling base plate makes the TCR-4-48G suitable for a wide variety of Industrial Applications where the liquid cooling is required.

Feature List

19" rack with water-cooling base plate
Compatible with all TCP3500 PSU models
Maximal configuration up to 4 units (14 kW)
USB interfaces for system monitoring and control via PC
Optional 3.2" touch screen display on front panel with smart monitoring and control menu
(for easy plug & test in your application)
Auxiliary output 24 V / 120 W
3-phase solid state relay for power modules AC input driving
Input and output water temperature measurement
Low inductance DC output busbars construction allows pulse load operation up to 100 kHz
Parallel operation capability up to 4 racks (50.4 kW)

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