TCP3500 series | Bel Power Solutions

Input: 180-528Vac 3ph
Outputs: 28V to 90V dc
Power: 3500W
Tamb: 0 to +70°C
Dims: 410 x 103 x 84.6 mm
Conduction or liquid cooled

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The TCP3500 series is a universal 3-phase AC-DC converter with adjustable DC output and universal 3-phase AC input. Conduction
cooling (No Fans) makes this power supply series suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications that can utilise conduction or liquid cooling, negating the use of fans.

Emphasis is given on reliability and long life. Parallel operation is possible up to 16 units (50.4 kW). Passive or active current share
system can be selected. The PSU includes DSP which enables monitoring of electrical parameters (including input voltage of all 3 phases) and controlling the PSU from the system controller.

An RS485 bus is used for command, monitoring and diagnostic information that can be supplied to a system controller.

Feature List

World-Wide 3-phase Input voltage range (nom. 115 - 277 V / 200 - 480 V)
Power factor > 0.94
High power density 16 W/in3
94% typical efficiency
Parallel operation up to 16 Units (50.4 kW)
Cold-plate cooling system
0 to 50°C of Cold-plate surface,
0 to 70°C of ambient air temperature
Possibility to install 4 units in 2U 19” Rack
Advanced performance for fast dynamic and pulsed loads up to 100 kHz (Optional)
RS485 interfaces
Wide adjustable output voltage range
Fast output voltage set response (5 ms)
Active current sharing