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A DC-DC surge suppressor for vehicle, tracked vehicle and airborne applications.

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Intended to operate from electrically noisy supplies such as those found on vehicles, these power suppressors remove the harmful surges and spikes which could destroy DC/DC converters.

DC suppressor for military platforms, including vehicles, tracked vehicles, helicopters etc.

MIL-STD 1275A/B/C and D, MIL-STD 461E and F and DEF-STAN61-5 part 6 issue 6 compliant and protect the DC power supply by removing the harmful Over Voltage surges using circuit protection, environmental de-rating, earthing and more.

With 300W and 600W versions available. DC suppressor is an ideal and reliable choice.

Supplied in module format or incorporated into a design, we can provide you with the optimum solution.

Feature List

Special Features
• 300W and 600W DC suppressor
• Removes input over voltage surges
• Baseplate cooled
• Clean, reliable power in vehicles

Electrical Specification Unit
• Input range 18V to 40VDC
• DC input surge protected to over 200V
• Reverse polarity protection to -40V
• Output and input isolated case
• Up to 300W of power through TPS300 and 600W through TPS600

• Limited to 40VDC during worst case surges on the input
• Output follows input between 18 and 40V input with less than 0.36V drop
• Output power continues through surges; so called “ride through”

Environmental Performance
• -40°C to +85°C baseplate temperatures
• MIL-STD-1275D / DO-160 / DEFSTAN 61-5 part 6 issue 6 surge ride through
• Rugged design to withstand vibration up to tracked standards
• Conformal coating on circuit boards available as an option
• Encapsulated construction

Physical Specification
• 61mm x 61mm for 600W
• 61mm x 37mm for 300W
• 2.3mm PCB pins for connection
• M3 female mounting bushes in bottom surface
• All stainless steel fixings