SR1600-Plus Series | Cotek

Input: 24 or 48Vdc
Outputs: 120 or 230Vrms ac
Power: 6400 VA
Tamb: -25 to 40°C
Dims: 2U x 510mm
CE / EN60950 Approved

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The Cotek SR-1600-Plus inverters are designed to convert either 24V or 48Vdc battery voltages to 110V or 230V ac mains power.  Each SR-1600-Plus module can output 1600 VA (48V/1600W, 24V/1200W) with a corresponding rack which can accept up to 4 modules providing up to 6.4kVA in output power.  System power can be further increased up to  51.2KW  by paralleling 8 racks, 32 modules in total with SNMP communication options available on request.

The inverters are designed to fit into a 2U / 19″ Rack . The SR inverter includes a powerful digital signal processor that allows the following features:

Simple setting and scalability up to 50kVA. Support for single and 3 phase systems
Seamless switching between AD and DC Sources
Wide AC input ranges
High Efficiency
Unity Power factor
Dual mode use – Either DC or AC can be primary source

Key applications include IT, telecommunications and industrial equipment.

Feature List

True sine wave output (THD < 2%)
Standard 19" 2U rackmount
Selectable DC Mode / AC Mode
Efficiency 93% in DC Mode
Dual Input Sources
Scalable to 50kW
Hot Swap design
Replaceable fans
SNMP module available shortly