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Input: Wide input to 144V
Outputs: 5 to 48V
Power: up to 192 Watt
Tamb: -40 to 70°C
Dims: 106 x 69 x 32mm
UL / CE EN60950 Approved
5 year warranty

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The Melcher PSB series switching regulators by Bel Power are ideal converters for harsh environments, or applications where high reliability and efficiency are essential. Typical applications include railways, military, industrial, telecoms as well as more general transportation applications.

Conformal coating on all PCBsmake the PSB series converters suitable for applications all over the world, from extremecold to very high humidities, the PSB series will offer long term reliable solutions.

PSB sereis converters are suitable for EN50155 and EN50121 railway applications where input to output isolation is not required, such aslighting, wiper control and door interlocks. Further information is available on request.

Feature List

PSB series positive switching regulators utilize a robust, non-isolated topology that provides high power-conversion efficiency across a wide range of operating conditions. These products feature conformally-coated PCB assemblies and are ideal power sources for a broad array of rugged and industrial environment applications.

Additional features include:

High levels of power-conversion efficiency remain virtually constant over the entire input-voltage range.

Wide output adjustment ranges, high reliability, low output ripple, no minimum load operation, and excellent dynamic response.

PSBs can be optimized for specific applications through wide-range output voltage adjustments and a variety of readily available options and accessories.

Products with input voltages up to 144Vdc are specially designed for secondary switched and battery-driven mobile applications.

No power derating over the entire operating temperature range; -40 to 71°C extended-temperature-range options.

5 year warranty

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