ODX-4500 Series | Premium

Input: 72/110Vdc
Outputs: 400V ac
Power: 4500 VA
Tamb: -25 to 70°C
Dims: 393 x 220 x 80.5mm
EN60950 / EN50155 Approved

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The Premium ODX-4500 inverter is a 400Vac three phase output dc ac converter. The input and output are galvanically isolated.


Select 50/60 Hz via DIP switch
Select local/remote (RS232) via DIP switch
Shutdown by applying 15 to 143V to pins 3&4 of J4
Motor control:
Soft-start – in the start up the output voltage and frequency rise linearly from 0V to set voltage and from 16Hz to set frequency. The start-up ramp slope may be changed via the RS232 control.

The rotational speed can be set according to the appropriate voltage/frequency ratio.

Rotational direction can be changed by applying between 15 and 143V to pins 1&2 of J4
The status of the input and output voltage can be monitored through the contacts of two separate solid state relays.

Parameters can be set and monitored via the RS232 port.

The ODX-4500 inverter features maximum average power protection as well as maximum output peak current protection. This protects the semiconductors even when an output short-circuit occurs. It also features a disable function for input undervoltage, which protects the batteries from harmful discharges.

Four M4 threaded holes are provided for chassis mounting.

The ODX-4500-7xxx-T version is designed for railway applications to EN50155; EN50121-3-2.

Feature List

Sine wave output (THD < 2%)
Suitable for motor control
RS232 communication port
Selectable output frquency: 50/60Hz
Adjustable output voltage
High efficiency > 89%
High input/output isolation: 3kVrms
Output overload protection
Over temperature protection
Battery undervoltage protection
Output ok green LED indication
Input ok green LED indication
Output alarm relay contact
Remote inhibit opto-coupled
Reverse phase
Three-phase syncronization
Cooling by internal variable speed fan
Approvals: EN60950; EN50155; EN61000; Railway version to EN50155; EN50121-3-2; EN45545-2.
MTBF: 100,000h
Operating temperature range: -20 to +70°C (50% load); -20 to 55°C (full load)
3 year warranty for standard products
5 year warranty for the railway versions

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