OCS-260 Series | Premium

Input: 12/24/36/48/72/110Vdc
Outputs: 120 or 230Vrms ac
Power: 260 VA
Tamb: -25 to 70°C
Dims: 220 x 100 x 39.5mm
EN60950 / EN50155 Approved

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The Premium OCS-260 inverter is a 230Vac output dc ac converter. The frequency can be set to 50Hz or 60Hz via a DIP switch, the input and output are galvanically isolated.

The OCS-260 consists of two cascaded converters, one dc dc generating an intermediate output volatage from the input voltage. The intermediate voltage is then inverted to supply the output voltage and frequency by means of a dc ac converter.

The topology for the first converter is a fixed frequency push-pull type that provides the isolation between input and output. The second converter consists of a bridge inverter also at fixed frequencyand fully PWM controlled by means of a microcontroller that is equiped with an LC output filter that removes the switching frequency components and delivers a sine-wave output.

The OCS-260 inverter is equipped with input polarity protection by means of fuse. It also featues maximum average power protection as well as maximum output peak current protection. This protects the semiconductors even when an output short-circuit occurs.

Four corner holes are provided for chassis mounting, with the optional base and DIN rail clip it can be mounted on a standard DIN rail. A further option is a standard 3U 10TE front plate for mounting in a Eurocard 19″ subrack.

The OCS-260-70xx-T version is designed for railway applications to EN50155 and is approved to EN45545-2 for fire and smoke.

Feature List

Sine wave output (THD < 2%)
Selectable output frquency: 50/60Hz
Adjustable output voltage
High efficiency > 86%
High input/output isolation: 3kVrms
Output failure alarm
Output overload protection
Input overcurrent fuse
Internal over temperature protection
Remote inhibit
Convection cooled
Approvals: EN60950; EN50121; EN61000, EN45545-2, Railway version to EN50155
MTBF: 250,000h
Operating temperature range: -20 to +70°C (50% load); -20 to 55°C (full load)
3 year warranty for standard products
5 year warranty for the railway versions

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