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Our Aviation GPU (Ground Power Units) are very efficient, easy to operate and maintain. They use double conversion technology with an integrated inverter output transformer to ensure galvanic isolation of the load.

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  • 4 Quadrant Operation (better response of the system and safer operation for NBPT).
  • Low input harmonics (<1.5% THDi), to comply with the strictest regulations at any load.



An output of 200V 3 phase 400Hz to the aircraft through single or dual output. Can be connected to a standard 380V to 415V 3 phase 50Hz mains or other.



High frequency IGBT Technology (Rectifier and Inverter) to guarantee a sinewave input current with low input harmonics (THD‹1.5%) and unit power factor (PF=1). That is ideal for military applications as we guarantee minimum impact on the mains or other power sources upstream.

No Break Power Transfer compatibility (NBPT).



Our GPUs are highly efficient – up to 95% efficiency.



Our Aviation GPU can support AC and Combi power output simultaneously, as long as the total load power does not exceed the power of the unit itself.

Available ranges are:

1) AC

• 30 kVA – 90 kVA (400Hz Unit)

• 120 kVA (400Hz Unit)

• 180 kVA (400Hz Unit)

2) Combi:

• 30 kVA – 90 kVA Combi (400Hz Unit + 28VDC)

• 120 kVA Combi (400Hz Unit + 28VDC)

• 180 kVA Combi (400Hz Unit + 28VDC)