LDX-B20 Series | Bel Power Solutions

Input: 12-85Vdc
Outputs: Vin-1V @ 20A
Energy: 150 Joules
Tamb: -40 to 70°C
Dims: 140 x 117 x 63mm
Buffer Module

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The LDX-B20 is a microprocessor controlled buffer unit rated 20 A usable in 12 V, 24 V, 48 V and 72 V systems.

The LDX-B20 monitors the voltage coming from a DC power supply and in case of failure a capacitor bank is used to keep the output regulated for at least 300 ms at full load.

Feature List

Wide voltage range 12 - 85 VDC
Compact size
DC BUS voltage self-tracking
Boost Max peak power of DC supply
Multiple protections
Digital regulation
Reliable topology, based on standard electrolytic capacitors
> 150 Joules energy storage
Integrates low power step-up (boost) converter to charge the capacitor bank
Integrates 20 A step-down (buck) converter to discharge the capacitor bank at an adjustable output voltage in case of mains failure
Relays dry contact and an opto-isolated input for inhibit
Integrated safety circuit that disconnects the capacitor bank in case of internal failure
Parallelable for power and backup time increase

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