LCC250 Series | Artesyn Embedded Power

Input: 90 - 264Vac
Outputs: 12 to 48Vdc
Power: 250 Watt
Tamb: -40 to 85˚C
Dims: 177.6 x 101.4 x 27.9/37.6mm
UL / CE / CCC Approved

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The LCC250 AC-DC power supply is a fully-enclosed conduction cooled series delivering full useable power at high temperatures. The LCC250 series, with IP64 protection against the ingress of dust and water, is ideal for applications such as outdoor signage and telecom installation like antenna and base station equipment. The power supplies are equally suitable for indoor use, such as in control consoles, indoor signage and desktops for medical applications, where the absence of cooling fans can help minimize dust and noise.

Feature List

250 W full power at elevatedtemperatures
Wide operating temperature range suited for outdoor application
IP64 rated
Conduction-cooled or convection
Differential remote sense
Output adjust
Output On/Off (Positive or Negative logic user selectable)
EMI Class B
EN61000 Immunity
MIL-STD-461E: CE101; CE102; CS101; CS114

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