LBC series | Bel Power Solutions

Input: 400-480Vac 3ph
Outputs: 110V dc
Power: 8000-12000W
Tamb: -25 to +85°C
Dims: 347/406 x 600 x 166 mm
EN50155 Train borne battery charger

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The LBC series is a ruggedised battery charger consisting of two or three parallel independent AC-DC converter modules employing PFC stage and insulated DC-DC stage to convert the three-phase input voltage 400 / 480 VAC to a bus voltage suitable for 110V battery charging.

The DC-DC stage to converts the 3-phase input voltage to a bus voltage with battery charging capability. Emphasis is given on high reliability and long life. Two or three parallel independent units inside the shelf with active current sharing are used, which safeguards reliability and partial redundancy of the system.

The PSU includes DSP which enables monitoring of electrical parameters (including input voltage of all 3 phases) and controlling the PSU from system controller. Internal RS485 / CAN bus is used for command, monitoring and diagnostic information that is supplied to
the shelf controller and to the external supervising system. External communication is provided by either CAN or Ethernet communication.

Feature List

Shelf with 2-3 power units, 1 control unit and cable harness
Output power up to 12 kW
400 / 480 Vrms 3-phase 50/60 Hz input voltage range (no neutral) with PF > 0.94
High power density 13 W/in3 per unit
92% typical efficiency
Parallel operation with active current sharing
Nominal output voltage for 110V battery (adjustable 80 – 137.5 VDC)
-25 to 55°C of operating ambient temperature without derating
CAN bus / Ethernet Interface
Designed to meet Railway standards EN 50155, EN 50121-3-2, EN 45545, NFPA 130