K Series (dc) | Bel Power Solutions

Input: Wide input (4:1)
Outputs: 5 to 48V
Power: 150 Watt
Tamb: -40 to +71°C
Dims: 168 x 111 x 80mm (3U x 16TE)
UL / CE EN60950 Approved
5 year warranty

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The Melcher K series dc dc converters represents a broadand flexible range of power supplies for use in advancedelectronic systems. Features include high efficiency, high reliability, low output voltage noise and excellent dynamicresponse to load/line changes. LK models can be powered by dc or ac with a wide-input frequency range (without PFC).

The converter inputs are protected against surges andtransients. An input over- and undervoltage lockout circuitrydisables the outputs if the input voltage is outside of the specified range. Certain types include an inrush current limiterpreventing circuit breakers and fuses from tripping at switch-on.

All outputs are open- and short-circuit proof and are protectedagainst overvoltages by means of built-in suppressor diodes.The outputs can be inhibited by a logic signal applied to pin 18

If the inhibit function is not used, pin 18 must be connectedwith pin 14 to enable the outputs.
LED indicators display the status of the converter and allow forvisual monitoring of the system at any time.

Full input-to-output, input-to-case, output-to-case and output-tooutputisolation is provided. The converters are designed andbuilt according to the international safety standards IEC/EN60950 and EN50155. They have been approved by the safetyagencies TÌÏV and UL (for USA and Canada).

The case design allows operation at nominal load up to 71 ¡C in afree-air ambient temperature. If forced cooling is provided, theambient temperature may exceed 71 ¡C, but the case temperaturemust remain below 95 ¡C under all conditions.

A temperature sensor generates an inhibit signal, which disablesthe outputs if the case temperature Tc exceeds the limit. Theoutputs are automatically re-enabled when the temperature dropsbelow the limit.

Various options are available to adapt the converters to individualapplications.

The converters may either be plugged into a 19″ rack systemaccording to IEC 60297-3, or be chassis mounted. They are ideallysuited for Railway applications.

Feature List

Input voltage ranges from 8 to 385 Vdc
1 or 2 isolated outputs up to 48 Vdc
Class I equipment
RoHS lead solder exemption compliant
Extremely-wide input voltage range
Input over- and undervoltage lockout
Efficient input filter and built-in surge and transient suppression circuitry
Outputs: SELV, no-load, and short-circuit proof
No derating over entire operating temperature range
PCBs coated with protective lacquer
Very high reliability
5 year warranty on -G versions