HVA Series | Advanced Energy

Input:24V dc ±10%
Outputs: 1kV to 20kV
Power: 2 Watt
Tamb: +10°C to +45°C
Dims: 152.4 x 96.8 x 31.8mm

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UltraVolt HVA series includes fourteen single-output models. The models deliver 1000 to 20,000 VDC of maximum high voltage power in positive, negative, or bipolar polarity configurations. From a 24 VDC input, HVA models deliver up to 2 W of dynamic power. Across the full operation range, HVA models source and sink current at bandwidths up to 500 Hz. Select electrical and mechanical integration options to meet your specific application needs.


  • Enable extreme control as high voltage output passes through 0 VDC regions
  • More accurately track and reproduce fast-changing voltage control profiles
  • Compensate for varying external loads by adaptively controlling both output voltage and current
  • Enhance high voltage output performance by minimizing control signal noise and drift
  • Reduce footprint and speeds both electrical and mechanical integration tasks

Feature List

Maximum Output Voltage/Power: 20 kV DC/2 W
Type: Single output
Ripple: To 125 ppm
Control Interface: Analog
Temperature Coefficient: To 25 ppm/⁰C
Full-range two- and four-quadrant output of voltage and current for bias, amplification or reversing
Fast voltage slew rates and broad bandwidths up to 500 Hz
Sources and sinks output current through operating range
High voltage output controlled using differential analog inputs
Compact size with electrical performance and mechanical integration options

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