ECS-100 Series | Premium

Input: 90-264Vac
Outputs: 13.6/27.2/54.4V dc
Power: 100 Watt (Charge)
Tamb: -25 to +70°C
Dims: 160 x 100 x 42mm
CE EN60950 Approved

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The Premium ECS-100 power supply/charger supplies regulated dc voltage (when the ac supply is present), and simultaneously charges the battery in a controlled manner, creating a 12V / 24V / 48V dc UPS.

The device comprises a switched mode power supply and a charging current limiter circuit, which provides constant voltage battery charging with limited charging current. It also incorporates alarm circuitry which acts independently, when there is a mains supply or power supply failure, or a low battery condition occurs, the potential free relay contacts switch to provide remote indication.

When the mains supply is on, the output current is obtained directly from the power supply. The maximum battery charging current can be selected by means of a DIL switch. The maximum battery charging current will be equal to the set current or equal to the rated current less the output current; the floating voltage will be equal to the output voltage.

The system allows the temporary supply of an output current higher than the rated current. The average of this additional current, which is drawn from the battery, should not exceed the charging current in order to avoid draining the battery.

If the power supply has no output, due to mains outage or to a failure in the power supply, the supply failure alarm will be triggered.

When the mains supply goes off, the battery comes into operation without interruption of the dc voltage and the output current is obtained from the battery. The output voltage will then depend on the battery discharge curve.

If the battery runs flat, the low battery alarm will be triggered. The battery will be disconnected from the output via a relay to prevent deep discharge. When the mains supply returns, the power supply may take several minutes to establish the battery charging current. During this time, the battery is charged with a low current until the low battery status is overcome. At that moment, the low battery alarm is reset, the relay closes, and the battery starts to charge normally.

Feature List

Universal ac input
Compatible with 12V, 24V, 48V Lead-acid & Gel batteries
Constant current charging independent of load current
Charging current selectable via DIP switch
Smooth voltage transition switching from supply to back-up
Battery OK LED
Supply OK LED
Supply fail/overload/fault alarm signal: NC/NO relay contact
Battery low/ageing/short-circuit alarm signal: NC/NO relay contact
Input over current protection: internal fuse
Overload & short circuit protection: current limiting
Battery discharge protection: Low voltage cut-off
Battery overload protection: internal fuse
High efficiency, high reliability
Approvals: EN60950; EN61000
MTBF: 500,000h @ +40°C
Operating temperature range: -25 to +70°C (50% load); -25 to 50°C (full load)
3 year warranty

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