E Series | Advanced Energy

Input:23 to 30V dc
Outputs: 0 to 15kV dc
Power: 30 Watt
Tamb: +10°C to +45°C
Dims: 152.4 x 96.8 x 38.1mm

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The UltraVolt E series includes six models ranging from 1000 to 15,000 VDC maximum high voltage power and are available in single-output positive or negative polarities. From a 24 VDC input, the E series delivers up to 30 W of low noise, highly controllable and stable power. Controlled using a differential analog interface, a selection of electrical and mechanical integration options can be factory-configured to meet specific application needs.


  • Better measure repeatability, resolution, and longer-term tool reliability
  • Obtain more consistent high voltage performance in varying ambient temperatures and line loading conditions
  • Enhance high voltage output performance by minimising control signal noise and drift
  • Simplify integration with more responsive control of high voltage module performance
  • Speed up both electrical and mechanical integration tasks

Feature List

Maximum Output Voltage/Power: 15 kV DC/30 W
Type: Single output
Ripple: < 10 ppm
Control Interface: Analog
Temperature Coefficient: To 10 ppm/⁰C
Output ripple performance < 10 ppm (0.01 Vpp)
Available temperature coefficient to 10 ppm/⁰C with line regulation less than 25 ppm
High voltage output controlled using differential analog inputs
Full-featured 0-to-10 VDC control and interface that includes voltage/current controls and monitors
Selection of electrical performance and mechanical integration options

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