DCD500-12-24G | Gresham-Advice

Designed for use with 24V DC military vehicle electrical systems, to be deployed on platforms with a nominal 12V DC electrical system.

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  • The DCD500-12-24 converter is non isolated wide-range DC input voltage 11 to 18 volts, making it ideal for military and commercial vehicle systems.
  • Low profile units with high efficiency 96% wide temperature range -40 to +70ºC fully protected again over temperature, over voltage, under voltage, over current, short circuit and revers polarity.
  • Internal O-Ring diode enable to function in parallel N+1.
  • Fully sealed encapsulation, IP67 protection class, withstanding exposure to harsh environments.

Feature List

- High efficiency 96% Parallel operation
- Reverse polarity protected Rugged and reliable
- Fully sealed
- Epoxy resin sealing, IP67

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