D Series | Advanced Energy

Input:15V dc
Outputs: up to 6kVdc
Power: up to 6 Watt
Tamb: -10°C to +65°C
Dims: 63.5 x 44 x 17.5mm

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Designed for your low-profile applications, the Ultravolt D series features four models from 1000 to 6000 V in either single-output positive or negative polarities. The modules deliver up to 6 W of power from a 15 or 24 VDC input. Protection against reversed input polarity and module over-temperature is standard. Manage high voltage and current output with an analog interface.


  • Achieve higher precision control compared to proportionally-controlled high voltage supplies
  • Enhance application performance with responsive, high voltage output control
  • Automatically shut down system if module case temperature is exceeded
  • Increase power subsystem robustness and reliability
  • Meet product packaging requirements

Feature List

Maximum Output Voltage/Power: 6 kV DC/6 W
Type: Single output
Ripple: < 200 ppm
Control Interface: Analog
Temperature Coefficient: 100 ppm/⁰C
Small-footprint, PCB-mountable package
High voltage control and monitoring accuracy better than 0.2%
Analog interface with integral voltage control and voltage/current monitors
Over-temperature protection disables output if module case > 75°C
Reversed polarity, short-circuit/arc, and overcurrent protection

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