CVS-280 Series | Premium

Input: 400 to 1100Vdc
Outputs: 24V, 36V, 72V, 110Vdc
Power: 280W nom, 400W pk
Tamb: -40 to 85°C
Dims: 243 x 162 x 64.5mm
Conforms to EN62368 / EN50155

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The CVS-280 series from Premium is a 280W DCDC converter designed to provide power  straight from the main catenary train supply.  It operates over a wide input range of 400V to 1100Vdc.

The CVS-280 is ideally suited to low battery voltage starter applications for starting the vehicle when the main train battery supply has failed, but can equally be used as a standard DC DC converter where a wide, high voltage DC input is available

The CVS-280 withstands 4.5kV overvoltage peaks and it has been designed to comply with railway standards.

The CVS-280 come in a robust and compact design with an anodized aluminium case and cooling takes place through natural convection and operating temperature can reach up to 85ºC.

Feature List

400-1100V input voltage range
280W continuous power
High input-output isolation 7kVrms
Compact design
Output ORing diode
Designed to EN50163:2006, EN50155:2017, EN45545-2

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