CT-211 Battery Charger Wizard | Cotek

Input: 90-264Vac (AE/AEK PSUs)
Outputs: 12 to 60VDC (AE/AEK PSUs)
Power: 3000 Watt
3 Stage Battery Charger Interface
Li-ion and Lead-acid battery technologies

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The CT-211 Easy Charger Wizard is a flexible kit to make your AE / AEK Power converters a versatile three stage battery charger, which can easily fit all frequently used battery types and different battery voltage (12/24/48).

The Cotek AE-800, AE-1500 and AEK-3000 power supplies already have some of the most advanced features of power supplies in their class.  The ability to control output voltage and output current limit from 0 – 108% either through analogue or digital (I2C) control, coupled with a true constant current, current limit, make the AE / AEK products extremely flexible and ideally suited for charging both Lead-acid and Lithium-ion battery technologies.  In fact, a whole range of batteries and strings can be controlled using a 60 V AE / AEK product with charge currents from 1A to 250A.  Typical applications include:

  • Electric Vehicle charging
  • Industrial automation
  • Robotics
  • Marine
  • Mobile data storage

Programming made easy

Cotek have released a plug-in interface module and GUI which enables users to program the AE / AEK family as true 3 stage battery chargers.  The CT-211 is a small interface which plugs into the auxiliary connector of the power supply and can be programmed via an RS232 or RS485 interface.  The CT-211 has a built in EEPROM to hold its program.

A stand-alone GUI firstly reads details of the connected power supply and then gives users options to either read the software installed on the interface, download a saved protocol, or to create a unique charge program

The GUI allows is broken down into 3 main charge areas: Bulk, Absorption & Float.  The user has full control of voltage, current and time during each of the 3 phases.

These features are extremely powerful especially in the field of Electric Vehicle charging.  One power supply can be easily programmed to charge a variety of different batteries, simply through the upload of new firmware.

Features of the family

The AE and AEK family of converters have the following features which make them the ideal choice for rugged battery charger applications

Feature List

Universal input (90-264Vac)
PFC design with high power density and efficiency (up to 93%)
High Voltage (60V) / Current (250A) charging capability
RS232/485/I2C communication
Programmable and storable charge settings
Operation temperature -20°C to 70°C
Safety to UL, TUV, and CB standards
EMI conduction & Radiation: Certified to EN55032

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