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Compact PCI AC/DC power supplies:

200W to 500W range
AC-DC and DC-DC models
Range from 18-72VDC
Complaint with the PICMG® 2.11
Factory fitted 12C module

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The CPCI series are the industry’s leading Compact PCI AC/DC power supplies delivering up to 500W continuous power.

• Cost effective
• High output power- leaves “room for future growth”
• Built in current sharing and N+1 redundancy
• Operational in extreme environmental conditions
• High MTBF

Feature List

• 300W 3U AC & DC models
• Fully complaint with PICMD® 2.11
• High power density
• Current share & hot swap operation - built in "ORing" diodes
• 16ms hold- up time at full load
• Very high efficiency
• Meet conducted and radiated emission testing per EN-55022 class B
requirements with an external mains front end filter
• No minimum load required
• Remote status monitoring capabilities - 12C data bus (6U units)
• "Ultra" wide range DC input models (18-36VDC & 36-72VDC)
• Ruggedized and military use option

Data Sheets available on request
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