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Input: 85-264Vac
Outputs: 3V3, 5V, 12V, 12V dc
Power: 250-500 Watt
Tamb: -25°C to +50°C
Dims: 3U or 6U CPCI modules
UL / CE EN60950 Approved

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The CPA and CPD Series are highly reliable power supplies for CompactPCI¨ systems, which are increasingly used in communications, industrial, military, aerospace, and other applications. These power supplies offer high power density in plug-in modules that meet the requirements of the PICMG¨ power interface specification for CompactPCI¨ systems.

The converters use the patented EDGETM technology and provide important advantages such as flexible output power, extremely high efficiency, excellent reliability, full input-to-output isolation, negligible inrush current, hot-swap capability, soft start, and overtemperature protection. The inputs are protected against surges and transients occurring on the source lines and cover an operating input voltage range from either 90 to 264 VAC or 36 to 75 VDC. Voltage suppressor diodes protect the input against

The outputs are protected against continuous overload, open-circuit, and short-circuit. Full n+1 redundant operating mode is made possible by integrated ORing FETs/diodes. When several converters are connected in parallel, a single-wire connection between converters ensures current sharing.

The converters are designed as two or three separate forward converters with fixed switching frequency and synchronous rectifiers at their output. LEDs on the front panel and various warning signals display the status of the converter. The aluminum case acts as a heat sink and as an RFI shield. It is designed for vertical insertion into 19″ rack systems, but it can also be mounted in any other position, as long as the necessary airflow is ensured. The connector is a 47-pin type from Positronic or similar.

Several options are available to meet different requirements.

Feature List

RoHS lead-free-solder and lead-solder-exempted products are available
Compliant with PICMG¨ CompactPCI¨ specifications
Wide range DC or AC input with PFC
Extremely high efficiency and high power density
Low inrush current
4 high current outputs with flexible load distribution
Integrated ORing FETs / diodes for true redundancy
Inhibit and enable inputs
Remote sense lines
Single-wire current share function for 3 outputs
Hot-swap capability
47-pin connector, type Positronic
Overtemperature, overvoltage, overcurrent, and overpower protection.
Safety according to IEC/EN 60950-1 and UL 60950-1

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