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The chargers consist of an input automatic changeover switch, an auto transformer, rectifier modules, and output distribution.

The rectifier provides a high quality nominal 24V output at the rated load from a 440V 3phase 60Hz supply. The rectifier uses switched mode rectifier modules configured in parallel to produce the regulated output suitable for charging valve regulated lead acid batteries. In the event of failure of the ship’s normal ac supply, the input will be switched automatically to the emergency supply.

The charger distribution consists of 2pole miniature circuit breakers.

Built into steel enclosures for deck or bulkhead mounting, the chargers are suitable for shock levels up to 15g. Above this shock mounts can be used.

Ingress Protection level is to IP23, suitable for electrical compartments or IP44 suitable for machinery spaces.

The DC chargers can be used as stand-alone DC supplies but are generally used in conjunction with a battery box from the Gresham Power Electronics BB range.

Combined charger/battery and distribution equipment can also be designed to suit specific applications if required.