AIT02ZPFC Series | Artesyn Embedded Power

Input: 85 - 264Vac
Output: 393Vdc
Power: 720 Watts
Temp: -40 to 100˚C
Dims: 88.9x61x13.95mm (3.5x2.4x0.55")
UL / CE Approved
1 Year Warranty

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The AIT02ZPFC series three-quarter-brick power factor correction module accepts a wide 85–264 Vac input and presents a unity power factor.

It accommodates AC supply frequencies of 50 Hz, 60 Hz or 360–800 Hz. Rated at 720 watts, the module offers a conversion efficiency of up to 93% and provides a typical output voltage of 393 Vdc.

Based on an encapsulated design that incorporates a thermal baseplate, the AIT02ZPFC series PFC module accommodates a baseplate operating temperature range of -20 to 100˚C and can start up from temperatures as low as -40˚C. The module has an industry-standard 2.4 x 3.5 inch (61 x 88.9 mm) footprint and an installed height of only 0.54 inch (13.9 mm).

Artesyn Embedded Power’ AIT02ZPFC series PFC modules comply with the RTCA-DO-160 avionics standard and the IEC1000-3-2 harmonics emission standard.

Feature List

Unity power factor
High efficiency - up to 92%
Civil / Aviation supply frequency range (50 / 60 / 360 - 800 Hz)
Up to 150 W output power
Negative enable function
RTCA-DO 160 compliant
IEC1000-3-2 compliance at 50 Hz to 800 Hz input
100 °C baseplate operating temperature
DC Input option
Enable output to control DC-DC Converter
Internal active switch bypassing external inrush current components

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