18.5 PCAP Rugged series touch panel | RockTouch

Construction: glass/film/film (GFF)
Number of fingers: 10
Cover lens: up to 10mm
Signal to Noise ratio: 32V
Full water & glove touch

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Featuring glass/film/film technology this 18.5″ projected capacative (PCAP) touch panel has a 10 finger touch capability, with glove touch operation as standard. The Rugged series PCAP modules are designed to eliminate false registrations in the presence of water with no additional options required, making them ideal for outdoor applications.

The full range are scaleable from 7″ to 27.0″, offering simple integration across a range of screen sizes.

RockTouch PCAP touch panels can be used in any application suitable for a touch panel, but due to certain features such as the high signal to noise ratio, they are well suited to automotive, medical , military and marine applications where there are strict EMC requirements.

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Feature List

Screen size: 18.5" widescreen
Maximum number of fingers: 10
Options: palm rejection; operation with gloves; water rejection
operation with water; frequency hopping; custom printing
High signal to noise ratio for elevated EMC requirements (32V)
Full integration support
Air gap operation to allow user supplied cover glass
Scaleable for easy integration and lower development cost
Tested to EMC specifications: EN61000-4-3/4/6/8
Operating temperature range -20 to +70°C