12.3 Letterbox LVDS TFT LCD | FutureLabs

Screen size: 12.3"
8:3 Aspect Ratio
Active area: 261.1(W) x 163.2(H) mm
Resolution: 1920 x 720 RGB
Interface: LVDS-6/8 bit 20/30 pin

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We offer two different sizes Bar Type TFT with or without PCAP 12.3″ W Bar-Type and 19.2″W Bar-Type, in order to meet special requirements for industrial applications in factory automation, transportation, or public information system.


Feature List

High Brightness & Contrast Ratio
Wide Viewing Angle
Resolution: 1920 x 720 RGB
Low Power Consumption
262k/16.2M Colours
LVDS 6/8bit Interface Interface
Operating Temperature Range -30 to +70 (85) oC
Typical contrast ratio: see type survey table
Anti-glare surface treatment
Viewing direction 6 o'clock (grey inversion)
Module supply voltage 3.3Vdc
LED backlight supply voltage 12Vdc 400mA 4.8W/ 780mA 9.36W