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Power Supplies for Test, Instrumentation & Laboratory Applications

Powering Your Test and Laboratory Applications

Gresham Power supply a wide range of DC programmable power supplies suited to testing and laboratory applications. Our premium range of programmable PSUs can combat testing challenges with their various capabilities.

Our decades of design and manufacturing experience ensure that every power supply is robust, high-powered and safety accredited. By applying our combined expertise and innovative thinking to every product, we are continuously developing our premium ranges and maintaining strong relationships with our customers.

We also work closely with our industry-leading partners to ensure that we are supplying a full range of power supplies suited to testing and laboratory, assuring our customers that they will receive the products they need, when they need them.

Common features include high efficiency, wide operating temperature range, wide input ranges, short circuit protection, low noise, low cost, and high MTBF rating.

We certify our power supplies to UL, TUV, CUL and CE at our state-of-the-art ISO 9001 facilities.

We also offer power supplies suitable for defence, medical applications and industrial power. Our staff are always on hand to use their expertise to assist with enquiries and provide further information about any of our product ranges. We pride ourselves on our high standards of service and the continued support we offer our customers. Contact our team for more information.

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eFO600 – 600W AC/DC Single & Dual Output Power Supply Series

  • 600W High Density Power Supply
  • Rugged, U-Channel Design
  • Universal AC Input with PFC
  • ORing Diode for N+1 parallel operatio
  • Active Load Share
  • Main Output (V1) : 12V - 56V
  • V2 Optional: 3.3V - 24V
  • V3 Optional: 5V Standby
  • DC Input Version - 24VDC or 48VDC available
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OF(M)225 – 225W AC-DC Medical and Industrial Power Supply

  • ITE: EN60950 Safety Approved
  • Medical: EN60601 Safety Approved
  • Class I or Class II input
  • 101.6mm (4.00") x 50.8mm (2.00") x 25.4mm (1")
  • High Power Density—28W/in³
  • Active PFC
  • High Efficiency—up to 94% typ.
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OF(M)120 – 120W AC-DC Medical and Industrial Power Supply

  • ITE: EN60950 Safety Approved
  • Medical: EN60601 Safety Approved (BF and 2 x MOPP)
  • Class I or Class II input
  • 76.2mm (3.00") x 50.8mm (2.00") x 30.1mm (1.18 ")
  • High Power Density—17W/in³
  • High Efficiency—up to 93% typ
  • Active PFC
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DPCC Capacitor Charger Power Supplies for Laser Applications

  • Medical Approval: IEC60601-1 3rd Edition
  • Isolated Output (Connect direct to AC Mains)
  • High efficiency, Small Size
  • Fast response and low noise
  • Customized voltage and power output up to 1KV and up to 6000W
  • Power factor correction 0.99
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OF(M)550 – 550W AC-DC Medical and Industrial Power Supply

  • ITE: EN60950 Safety Approved
  • Medical: EN60601 Safety Approved (BF Rated)
  • Forced Air, Convection & Conduction ratings to 550W
  • 76.2mm (3.00") x 127mm (5.00") x 38mm (1.5 ")
  • -40 to 70 Deg C Operating Temperature
  • High Efficiency - 92%
  • High Power Density—24W/in³
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CompactPCI (CPCI) AC-DC & DC-DC Power Supplies

  • 200W to 650W
  • AC-DC and DC-DC models
  • Ruggedized versions available
  • Custom front panels available
  • Many items in UK Stock
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ULP – 40W – 275W, AC-DC Power Supply, Low Height Series

  • 40W to 275W
  • Low Height. Just 0.75 inches
  • -40 to +70 Operating temperature
  • Industrial and Medical versions
  • UK Stock
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1W – 20W, AC-DC Medical and ITE “Linear” Power Modules

  • 1W to 20W
  • Medical and Industrial
  • Extra low noise
  • Single, Dual and Triple Outputs
  • P.C Card/Chassis Mounting
  • Output Voltage up to 250VDC
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VLT – 40-150W , AC-DC Power Supply Series

  • 40W to 150W
  • Low height
  • Industrial and Medical units
  • Single and multi output
  • Small size
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