Power Supplies

Manpack PSU

Intended as a go anywhere power supply capable of operating from both universal 110/230VAC and from 24/28VDC, this system will support a load of 150W in the most arduous conditions.

CPCI Inc. Ruggedized

Compact PCI AC/DC power supplies: 200W to 500W range
AC-DC and DC-DC models
Range from 18-72VDC
Complaint with the PICMG® 2.11
Factory fitted 12C module

Surge & Transient Filter

A DC-DC surge suppressor for vehicle, tracked vehicle and airborne applications.


Designed for use with 24V DC military vehicle electrical systems, to be deployed on platforms with a nominal 12V DC electrical system.

A key component in the design of mains powered electrical and electronic equipment is the AC DC Power Supply. We can supply a very wide range of AC DC Power Supplies from a PCB mounting device, through to very large battery-backed, standby systems that can be 19″ rack-mounted.

Gresham Power Electronics can also provide you with a variety of chassis mounting power supplies, including single, dual and quad output industry standard modules, with configurable power supplies starting at 300W up to 2kW in output power. We can also supply you with in-depth technical advice on a range of specialist AC DC Power Supplies for Medical, Railway and DIN Rail Mounting applications.
In addition to the above, we also work closely with our suppliers to offer a full custom and variant service if you cannot fulfil your demands for our standard range of ac dc power supplies.

We have a team of dedicated engineers ready to support you throughout the design process. We also carry stock of all standard modules and accessories for next day delivery.