Land Defence

With full custom design and manufacturing capabilities, we have the flexibility to develop a product or system to meet the exact requirements of a customer’s needs and specification.

We can provide best in class designs for AC/DC or DC/DC power solutions from around 20W to 20kW.

Customer specific power solutions. Talk to Gresham Power for custom and VA power solutions. We will discuss with you the best solution and submit a proposal to meet the most demanding requirements.

Many applications will be required to function reliably in harsh environments, be baseplate or convection cooled and have application specific voltages. Gresham Power are well placed to assist with even the most demanding applications.


DC Suppressor for vehicle, tracked vehicle and airborne applications.

DEFSTAN 61-5 part 6 issue 6 introduced some mandatory requirements for connection to 12V and 24V military platforms such as circuit protection, environmental de-rating, earthing and more.

The Gresham DC load dump suppressor for military platforms, including vehicles, tracked vehicles, helicopters etc. meets the requirements of Mil Std 1275D/ DO-160 / DEFSTAN 61-5 part 6 issue 6 Surge Ride Through and protects the DC power supply by removing the harmful Over Voltage surges.

With 300W and 600W versions available the Gresham DC load dump suppressor is an ideal and reliable choice. Supplied in module format or incorporated into the design, our custom power team can provide you with the optimum solution.

Man Pack

A ‘Connect Anywhere PSU’

Originally designed for Battle Groups this ‘connect anywhere’ power supply can connect to any available power source, AC mains, DC vehicles or helicopter power with the frequency requirements.

Made from a solid machined aluminium case this power supply can withstand the harsh treatments and environments required as a go anywhere power source.

This model shown is 150W but this is fully customisable and higher power or additional outputs can be built on request.

We would expect requirements for this to be unique to the application. Please contact us for details.

Ruggedized CPCI

Our compact PCI power supplies can be built in specific versions for use in harsh environments. Modifications can include compliance to a range of Military Standard including MIL-STD 1275 Military Vehicles, DO-160 Civil Aviation, MIL-STD 704 Military Aircraft, MIL-STD 810 Shock, Vibration & Temperature. These products are designed and manufactured to customer specification , and tested by 3rd Party Laboratories to ensure compliance. Please Click here for Test Data on these products. Consult our technical sales team for more information

Military Vehicle DC-DC Converters

The GPD500 500W DC-DC converter has a wide-range DC input voltage, from 10 to 20 volts, making it ideal for vehicle mounted systems, tactical and non-tactical, fixed and mobile communications and security systems.

The GPD500 low-profile units have an ultra-high efficiency of typically 96% at full load and can operate over an ambient temperature range of -40° to 70°C.

They are small-sized, high stability, long life and have a high degree of protection, making them an ideal choice for step-up, non-isolated converters for vehicle systems.

Fully sealed encapsulation, IP67 protection class, withstand exposure to harsh environments.

Guaranteed operation in complex environments with high reliability.