Civil Aviation Static Frequency Converters

Static Frequency Converters

An Aviation Static Frequency Converter converts the source power with a specific input voltage and frequency into a different output voltage and frequency depending on the client’s requirements. These Solid State Frequency Converters have no moving parts, except for the fans to cool down the system.


• Power Factor Correction (PF=1);

• Low input harmonics (<1.5% THDi), to comply with the strictest regulations at any load.


Our high-frequency IGBT Technology (Rectifier and Inverter) guarantees a perfect sinewave input current with low THDi (THDi<1.5%) and unitary power factor (PF=1), perfect for all sorts of extreme electrical conditions (compatible with Genset output).


Sinepower’s Aviation Static Frequency Converters (SFC units) can be used in a variety of applications: Civil Aviation, Aeronautical Industry, Maritime/Nautical Industry (Shore power, Shore to ship power) and Manufacturing sector.


• 400Hz;

• 4 Quadrant Operation (better response of the system and a safer operation for NBPT);

• Vector control Inverter for better response and higher efficiency.


Our SFCs are highly efficient – up to 95%.